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We take a people-first approach to everything we do; we design, create and deliver activity-led learning programmes across the globe, always keeping humans at the core of our work. 

activity-led learning has been proven to increase knowledge retention by up to


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learning programmes & experiences

strategy & communication

partnership & collaboration

Let's keep it simple. We've divided the majority of the work we do into 8 clear areas..

Click on each to read more about what we do in that area. 


Leader Learning

Induction & Onboarding

Customer Experience

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion


Colleague Engagement

Behavioural Profiling

Manager Development







Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it, here's where we've done it before...  

Elevating capability with toolkits, micro-learning, self-directed learning and facilitated workshops giving a total resource for managers to gather the skills needed in the workplace right now. A classic case of a client being as obsessed with making work better as we are! 

line manager



Upskilling new and future managers in a well loved brand during a period of transformative change isn't for the inexperienced. We were selected to revitalise the Manager Designate Programme (MDP) with the essential skills needed to lead authentically, with empathy and to break down legacy behaviours to build something brilliant. 


leader-skills sessions


When your client is as excited about guest experience as you are, there's a natural path for transforming the onboarding experience. Gorgeous design and expert gamification of learning, mixed with seamless facilitation gives The Mandrake the edge when it comes to inspiring new colleagues. 



Leisure & Hospitality

If your values are only on the wall, they're not alive at all. They need to be part of you, part of your DNA and we knew exactly how to use accelerated learning methods to achieve that. A 90 minute session for new colleagues (and existing employees) to experience first hand what the company and brand stands for and how they embody those values for themselves. 



Professional Services

An idea hack rabbit hole that was so brilliant, we stayed down there. Forget Alice, say hi to Annie in Wonderland and an immersive, experiential workshop to transform the customer journey with our friends at Vision Express. Be careful... the door to the Escape Room will be locked in 10...9...8...7...

customer experience



An historic building being transformed into the most disruptive hotel in Oxford needed to stand out. Laser like recruitment, employee communication, culture mapping and onboarding needed to in'spire' every new manager and every new colleague - even before the hotel opened. Visit 'The Store Oxford' to see for yourself! 



Leisure & Hospitality

We love it when your people deliver what we've created together. Where transformation is needed, expert facilitators will take charge... and we'll help create them too!  

facilitation for



Run! Someone mentioned Diversity! This client ran directly to us and asked us to create something that was exciting, engaging, informative... not boring, preachy and dull. We looked at all the ingredients that make up DE & I in the organisation for this high-end food manufacturer. 

changing perception

of dei



When the LMS is called PLAY, you know what you need to do. You need activity based learning, directed by engagement know-how and behavioural science. When 20,000 employees are involved, you've got to try even harder... We designed a beautiful play pack for every store to use to unleash leadership values. 


leadership engagement


Global, Learning and Consistent are three words. They're also joint ambitions that are hard to achieve. Using virtual classroom technology, some gorgeous creative and our insider onboarding expertise, we designed a virtual workshop to inspire, engage, motivate and inform, right from the start. 




Sometimes, DEI just needs to deliver an underlying understanding and respect of a different view or a different culture. With respect at it's core, we needed to introduce the culture of the United Kingdom to an overseas team. A quintessential tea party you say?

global diversity,

equity & inclusion


More than 100 eLearning sessions, a transformative trainer upskill, virtual facilitators, four skills and learning pathways and friends for life. Collaboration, respect, humour and a few late nights meant that NHS Blood & Transplant could meet demand during the pandemic. We thought it was a better way to contribute to world health and pandemic survival than making PPE out of toilet paper... 

digital transformation

of induction

Healthcare | Public Sector

All aboard! We binned the powerpoint slides. All of them. There were hundreds. Nobody likes them, nobody wants them and they don't inspire on day one. The 8 Team got to work to bring the entire experience to life, using a board game and sensory elements to welcome new colleagues to Heathrow Express so they are ready to welcome their customers on board. 




A global biotech company needed to bring their leaders together from across the world and create the foundations for a high performing, remote leadership team. The journey used C-me profiling as a foundation and journey continues.


leadership behaviours


When you get everyone together every year, and the agile teams change up regularly, you need something special to shout 'team' from the rooftops. Entirely activity driven and using behavioural profiling at it's core we moved from 'I don't want to go' to 'I loved that'!



Finance | Fintech

When there's a systematic change and facilitation resource is hard to find... you need engaging eLearning. Ramsay Healthcare wanted the same. They wanted ongoing support with change management too... so that's exactly what they got. 

digital transformation of

skills training


Chris Scott, Learning Lead at Acceler8

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