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Learning can have transformational powers when it's done brilliantly. Unlock the transformative power of learning with 'The A-8 of Learning' by Chris Duncan-Scott. 

In this refreshingly honest guide, Chris presents 26 dynamic approaches and strategies to revolutionise learning in any workplace setting. From the story of how Acceler8 was conceived all the way through to Z for the Zeigarnik Effect, each chapter offers practical insights and actionable techniques to enhance professional development and foster a culture of engaging and effective learning. 

Whether you're a seasoned learning leader or a new recruit, this book provides invaluable tools to inspire growth, ignite creativity, and drive success. 

Embark on a journey of discovery and elevate your organisation's learning landscape with 'The A-8 of Learning'. Available now. 

Chris Scott, Learning Lead at Acceler8

Want to know more about how 'The A-8 can help your workplace? 

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