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Meet our Playmates.

We draw upon a rich collective history as learning & development specialists, creative designers, behavioural psychologists and HR consultants......all passionately playful about the world of learning.

Chris Preston - Learning Consultant
Chris P

Lead Consultant

  • LinkedIn - Chris Preston
Chris Scott - Learning Lead
Chris S

Learning Lead

  • LinkedIn - Chris Scott
Nick Yaxley - Learning Consultant

Learning Consultant

  • LinkedIn - Nick Yaxley
David Duncan - People and Quality Lead

People & Quality Lead

  • LinkedIn - David Duncan
Bo - Wellbeing Lead

Wellbeing Lead

Milana Malyan - Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • LinkedIn - Milana Malyan
Marcus Doyle - Creative Lead

Creative Lead

  • LinkedIn - Marcus Doyle
Imani Patel - Creative Designer

Creative Designer

  • LinkedIn - Imani Patel

The rules we play by.

naturally curious

If we don’t ask questions, or challenge how things are done, we can’t improve. If we can’t improve, we can’t grow.


A natural curiosity for knowledge, experiences and for other humans is what makes us tick.

wildly playful

When we’re young, we learn best when we play, when we experiment with new things, when we use our imaginations. As an adult we often lose that innate sense of playfulness – which is why it’s so important to us at Acceler8.


We play at work, and we play for work too. Working with us will always be playful.

We keep it simple at Acceler8 with four core values.

loudly proud

We’re proud of who each of us are and what we do. Every member of the team is unique, and we celebrate that.


We champion diversity, we’re not afraid to campaign and are proud to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.

positively courageous

It might be tough to do the right thing, but that will never stop us. We speak out when things need to be better, we make a stand as a business for what we believe in.


We challenge ourselves, each other and our clients so that we can all achieve our best work.

Chris Scott - Learning Lead

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