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gamified learning

When it comes to gamified learning, led by the participants - we've got it covered!


Did you know, using gamification and focussing on a brilliant participant experience can give you...




Source: TalentLMS

Gamified learning can lead to up to 90% higher engagement levels among participants compared to traditional learning methods.

Customer Satisfaction levels maintained at


Source: eLearning Industry

Learners retain up to 75% of information through gamified learning experiences, compared to only 10% through traditional methods.


Completion Rates


Source: Deloitte

If you're using gamified elements you'll have completion rates that are up to 80% higher than those without gamification. This one is very much centred on eLearning.

That's exactly what a client needed to achieve, and exactly why they chose us!


The challenge was to bring the company's values to life for new colleagues, in a 90 minute 'game' where the facilitator took a back seat and the participants were in control of the session.

We got to work, designing some playful activities and a game format that would be easy to deliver for any number of players.


The result? An engaging game that inspires conversation, explores our own values in connection with the company values and grows brand advocacy from the get-go... whilst performing against all of those statistics above!

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