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future talent pipelines

Invitation to play.

We were given the challenge of designing and facilitating an introduction to leadership and management  for a future talent programme with one of our longest standing clients. The approach needed to cover lots of the foundation level skills and to motivate participants who wouldn’t immediately step into a leadership role.

The Players.

Our client is a privately owned software development company. Everything they do is built for travel and they’ve been creating systems and workflows to manage day-to-day travel services and the logistical nightmares caused by travel disruption. It’s likely that you have used their software when you travel across the globe.


The participants offered a range of experience in leadership, some with extensive experience and others that had never touched leadership before. Our challenge was to create some incredible learning that could elevate understanding of leadership, without any overwhelm.


So we got to work.....

Play Time.

We designed two full day workshops that could be delivered to two cohorts. We’d agreed with the client that behavioural profiling would provide valuable insight into personal effectiveness and ignite useful conversations with colleagues.


Using profiles as the basis for the first part of the workshop, we crafted activities that brought the learning to life, and added relevance to participants’ current roles and responsibilities. We were able to thread key messages through the learning, with everything underpinned by the company purpose and values.


We added plenty of additional learning around coaching, giving and getting feedback, authentic leaders, leading without the title, communication styles – all elevated with clear action planning to keep the learning alive.

I need to do something similar!

We'll be in touch!

Level Complete.

So what was the outcome? Two cohorts of participants supercharged with enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to start their leadership journeys.


All the participants are fully engaged in valuable conversations with their own leaders, with some clear objectives to achieve. The best feedback of all? We need to start thinking about the next stage of the journey… it’s always nice to be invited back!

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