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Did you know that activity-led learning has been proven to increase knowledge retention by up to 300%? 

That's why we specialise in bespoke, activity-led learning.....well, that and it's fun!

Leader Learning

So much responsibility lies at the feet of our leaders. With leadership meaning something different to everyone, we spend time developing the most appropriate leader learning for your organisation.


Identifying the approach, the skillset and the knowledge that secure your leaders as the best people to lead through the change that every organisation experiences, often with a focus on behavioural science.

Induction & Onboarding

The first days in a new organisation are more than just a chance to find out who is who. There’s certainly more to life than organisational charts.


From the moment the role is offered and accepted, every brand has the opportunity to engage new colleagues and create a sense of belonging that unleashes brand advocacy from the get go.

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

A diverse workforce offers many benefits. It might be a breadth of thought, an environment where conflict is resolved quickly, or even just a chance to broaden our own horizons.


We’ve worked with some amazing organisations to design a blastingly brilliant approach to engaging colleagues with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – with the obvious benefits that brings.

Manager Development

We’ve seen it so many times. Managers are given a set of tasks but without any real guidance in the power skills needed to build relationships, talk about performance and develop the manager mindset that is needed. You read it right… we said power skills – there’s nothing soft about them.


We expertly craft manager development pathways and experiences that provide that skill and give your managers everything they need to be successful.

Colleague Engagement

Need to communicate a change? Need to get buy-in for a new approach?


It all starts with your colleagues – and we know what works when it comes to engagement. You might be launching a new brand, a new product, a new uniform, or an everyday business change. The success of all of that lies in the people that are impacted by it and tasked to ‘be that change’. We’ve designed change programmes and engagement experiences that are as playful as we are – creating learning that sticks.

Customer Experience

In the age where ‘online’ is threatening to dominate, it’s the face to face customer experience that is going to set you apart from your competitors.


Customer Service is one of the most underrated skills we can master. Harnessing empathy, listening, questioning, dispute resolution, and product knowledge can unleash an unrivalled experience for your customers. We’ll design a programme that supports you to achieve your customer aspirations.


We focus on wellbeing for the workplace, it’s not a buzzword, it’s an important cog in the learning wheel.


When wellbeing is taken seriously, and self care is top of the agenda, you’ll see a reduction in absenteeism, increased productivity, higher engagement and a happier workplace. Amongst other topics, we look at how our emotions impact our work lives, how we can increase our resilience, how we handle stress so that it’s helpful, and how we keep our minds healthy so we can bring the best of ourselves to work.


It might be a full wellbeing programme, or smaller wellbeing workouts – all delivered in the playful way we’ve become well known for.

Behavioural Profiling

It was Billie-Jean King that identified self awareness as the foundation of a champion, and we agree! Understanding ourselves gives us the gift of understanding those around us better. Imagine a team that are so connected, so in tune with what each other needs, that they are unstoppable.


That’s the power of behavioural profiling.


It’s often the foundation of manager development and leader learning too, creating relationships that change teams and organisations.

Chris Scott - Learning Lead

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