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transforming leadership engagement
across europe

Empowering 12,500 Employees with Playful Innovation.

We specialise in bringing playful answers to complex challenges in employee engagement and leadership development. A recent project involved a major (and secret) global retailer aiming to revitalise their leadership values and inspire a dynamic culture among thousands of employees across Europe. The client has 29,000 colleagues globally, they operate in more than 40 countries and made nearly 10 billion in global revenue in 2023.

Project Overview.

In an ambitious move to supercharge engagement, we designed an entirely playful approach tailored to connect and inspire at all levels—from senior leadership to part-time assistants. Our innovative strategy was not just about imparting knowledge but transforming how employees live and breathe their company's core values.

Creative Excellence.

Our approach integrated stunning visual elements and interactive content that went beyond traditional learning methods. The campaign featured vibrant, attention-grabbing graphics and immersive experiences that made learning fun and memorable.

Engagement Breakthrough.

We chose this approach because it's proven to achieve fantastic results. As a result, the client expected:

Engagement Scores

with a significant leap in

engagement metrics.

Widespread Adoption

with seamless integration of those leadership behaviours in everyday practice

Cultural Shift

A noticeable enhancement in communication and collaboration, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workplace culture.

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Why choose Acceler8?

With a proven track record of enhancing corporate learning environments and driving meaningful engagement, Acceler8 is your go-to partner in creating a thriving, motivated workforce.


We inspire workplaces around the world where everyone can #BeHappyBeHuman. It's our mission to leave the world, and the world of work, better than we found it.


Join our list of past and present clients and see what a difference playful learning can make.


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Our Services Include:

Strategic Learning & Development

Employee Engagement Solutions

Leadership Training

Playful interventions for Learning & Development

Tailored learning for managers, leaders and colleagues

Engaging onboarding and induction experiences

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